About Us

A performance car is a special and very personal vehicle. We understand that. That’s why we have won best of show for our installations. We began in Costa Mesa in 2000, installing over 100 motors for Superformance customers, including Lance (the owner’s) personal Coupe and #5 Race Car. We also installed the first Roush 427 motors (001 and 002). Our new facility is dedicated for our performance installations. We assemble every powerplant with the finest quality components and expert know-how. Every detail is checked and inspected down to the final Test Drive. While each engine manufacturer has its own warranty, we also guarantee our work. Best of all, we are a private, custom shop, where every customer’s vehicle is treated with great care. So all you have to do is choose your engine and we’ll do the rest.

Since then, we have become a major installer and fitter of custom and after-market high performance products on Rods, Muscle Cars, Classics and other High Performance Vehicles, such as Shelbys, Panteras, and GT40’s.